[EF]#20 Relationship Effect

Relationship can effect your study, career, even life. We meet a lot of people with different attitude and mind, so relationship that built between one and another person is unique. We can love, hate, jealous, or just passing by with another person that we meet in life. Each person that comes to our life has affected our mind and attitude. For the example, you could love to go to school or hate it because of your relationship. Like I used to hate go to school since I was bullied victim, but the other time I loved going to school since I had crushed with my classmate. The other example, I had my best score since I didn’t want to lose with my best friends.

The effect of relationship can make the worse or better you. For the example, first you loved to share your story to everyone, but someone betrayed you and made you didn’t trust everyone around. Or you didn’t like to socialize with other, but after your friends help you to adapt with other person, you can socialize with others. Another example is optimistic person became depressed due the broken heart.

Sometimes we learn the hard way to knew why some relationships start and end. I do believe that in every event there is wisdom behind it. We can’t play victim when talk about relationship affect. You and me maybe feel loose and betray, but that doesn’t mean we are better than another person. Whatever happens in our relationship, let’s that event make us be better person and wiser.

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
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