[EF]#16.11 Holiday Picture

picnic-1208229_960_720picture taken from here

Holiday, everybody love holiday! I really miss going holiday with my friends. So we can sit down in random places and talk and laugh together. That’s why for this challenge I choose this photo.

When I went to Singapore with my friends, we could sat down in random places. I always laugh if I remember our first night in Singapore. When we could talked all night and did silly things in Singapore. For this moment, I always say thank you to Mas Eriek that help us laugh really hard.

Sometimes, holidays are not about the places. Sometimes it is about people around us. Times that we can release our tension about work, university life, or our problems in daily routine. Sometimes, that we need from holiday is just like in that picture, sit down together and talk about everything, with our dear friends or partner.

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[EF]#16.10 Adjustment During Ramadhan

Ramadhan month has left, but we still in our Shawwal month. Anyone who doing Syawal fast? So it was really different with fasted in Ramadhan, since we do it in our daily life. In Ramadhan, there are a lot of adjustment that happen in Bandung, especially in my work place. For example the office hour become from seven to four, so everybody can go home to break the fast with their family. But for me, it was hell if I went back to my home at past four or five o’clock in the evening. Everybody wanted to break fasting at home, and the main street to my home, Pasteur Bandung could had crowded for one or two hours. That’s why, during Ramadhan, I prefer to break the fast at outside if I had work.

For my self, I need to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning to prepare Suhoor with my mom. So, I need to go to bed at nine o’clock. Beside that, if I didn’t have morning work, I could sleep again after Shubuh and woke up little bit late :p . Another thing that I did, is pray Tarawih in the Masjid. I tried to do Tarawih in Masjid when I can.

I had something that I didn’t do during Ramadhan: do thesis in coffee shop. I prefer to do my thesis at home. It just weird to drink coffee in the night after break the fast. I prefer going home than sit again in coffee shop and talking about my thesis.

As master student that need guidance from my lecturer, our time very limited. Active work day in Ramadhan month just 2 weeks, that means It was really short to have talk about my thesis. It just like I only had two times to have talk for my lecturer.

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[EF]#16.9 The Unexpected Event

During my blog days, never cross my mine that someday there is my college would search about her task and get it from my blog. It was happen last years when she ask me if I knew about coklatdanhujan.wordpress.com since there are my photos in one of the post. Sure I knew who blog it was 😆 . After that she asked about the topic and we discuss it together.

Another event when my friend boss at the meeting told their staff about Anak Sungai Cikapayang park in Bandung. One of my friend that was their staff knew me since there is my photo in that post. After that he read a couple of my post and talk to me about that.

It embarrassed that somebody near me read my blog. At first I feel strange, but nowadays It’s OK for me. I hope somebody whoever they are enjoy and get something from my post 🙂 .

[EF]#16.8 What Makes Me Want To Watch Movies in Cinema


I love to watch movies! For me, It’s not a problem to watch it alone or with my friends in cinema. I like to watch drama and action movies, but don’t ask me to accompany you watching horror movies.

So, what makes me want to go and watch movies in cinema? Here it is the list:

  1.  The Effect
    There are some movies that worth to watch in cinema since the effect was really good  We can experience the great 3D or 4D effects such as the marvels movies or Jurassic World that I watch in 4DX.
  2. It’s too good to watch in television.
    There are movies that make me happy to watch it in the large screen to get the feel of the movie such as Fast and Furious 7, Star Wars, or AADC2.
  3. Hard to find the original copy of the movie.
    Thailand movie were really hard to find the original copy. Event when I watch online, the subtitle was bad so the choice is to watch it in the cinema.
  4. The more the merrier.
    Watching movie in the big screen with peer group always bring happiness. Sometimes I just lazy to watch the movie in my television alone, so I prefer to watch it in cinema.

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[EF]#16.7 Honesty in Blogging

How far do you honest with your life? Especially in your blog? When somebody wrote in blog, we need to be honest with the picture or information that we use from somebody. That’s why I always try to share the link of picture or information that I take.

Another thing about honesty in online if we share information to other. I need to stay honest with it because I use this blog as my diary, my memories about happy and sad things those come in to my life. If I share about the movie, books, cafe, or places that I went, it was based on my experiences. So sometimes I told about what I like and dislike about that.

Why we need to be honest in social media? Being honest doesn’t mean tell all your stories. There also part of our life that needs to be off the record. Being honest with blog or our social media means give our reader and follower the true information about something, tell them about our opinion, feeling, or thinking about something. Maybe for some people traffic in the blog is everything, so they start to dishonest with what their wrote. Yeah that’s their blog too, but since our story being publish, we have responsibility to give the reader the truth.

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[EF]#16.6 Getting Online

Did you ever Google yourself? I did.

I feel amazing about what I saw from Google. It knew every website that had me as their member. After that, I began to manage my online presence. What is the online presence? For me, is about my digital footprint. I use the internet from my storm and stress era until now, so yeah I left a lot of footprint in digital world.

Nowadays, getting online is all about sharing. Sharing is not only your mind, but also photos, places, foods that you eat, until personal information. How much your personal data become viral? How much you want everyone know about you? For me, I want to keep some of it private. So I began to delete my LinkedIn, make my Facebook more private, and delete a lot of inactive account. I started not share my nephew and my friend’s photos in Instagram too, because everyone has their privacy. So if I want to share some photo, I will ask them first if they ok with it. I always maintain my blog twice a year. I do that to see which one is private and delete that post. Usually, it was my post from early blog years.

How about in office world? One of my collages told me that beside CV, our online presence becomes important to know more about us. Company started to look our footprint in digital word and that become consideration whether we can get a job or not.

Be smart about what we want to share in digital word.

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[EF]#16.5 The Tale of Solar Eclipse

In Indonesia, we have a lot of tales that we can share with children. One of the tales is about Solar Eclipse from Middle of Java, Indonesia. So this is the story:

In the highest peak of Menoreh Mountain, there is Puthuk Songo the place where nine Batara (God) live. One day, Batara Guru (the Lead of God) want to give the holy water called Tirta Kamandanu. This water can cure the disease, give long live, and give welfare. Every Batara gather to get the water except Batara Kala. But Batara Kala that cunning manages to infiltrate among Batara. He was disguise as Batara Indra (God of Rain) and manage to gulp the water. Batara Surya (God of Sun) knew about it and angry. He reported Batara Kala to Batara Guru. After that Batara Kala slandered and attacked by Lord Vishnu. From this moment, Batara Kala vowed to repay Batara Surya. At certain moments he’ll swallow or eat the sun, and that’s when a solar eclipse on earth.

That’s why from some people, when solar eclipse happen, they prefer to stay at home with their children. They believe if their children played outside, Buto would kidnap them. But nowadays people felt excited to see total solar eclipse and so did I. Some of my friends went to Belitung to saw the Total Solar Eclipse, some of my family went to Menado.

How about me? I prefer to stay at home and saw it from television. When I saw it, made me remember one of tv series that I watched, Heroes Reborn 😀

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