[EF]#16.11 Holiday Picture

picnic-1208229_960_720picture taken from here

Holiday, everybody love holiday! I really miss going holiday with my friends. So we can sit down in random places and talk and laugh together. That’s why for this challenge I choose this photo.

When I went to Singapore with my friends, we could sat down in random places. I always laugh if I remember our first night in Singapore. When we could talked all night and did silly things in Singapore. For this moment, I always say thank you to Mas Eriek that help us laugh really hard.

Sometimes, holidays are not about the places. Sometimes it is about people around us. Times that we can release our tension about work, university life, or our problems in daily routine. Sometimes, that we need from holiday is just like in that picture, sit down together and talk about everything, with our dear friends or partner.

* This post is submission for English Friday Challenge
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi

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