[EF]#16.1 Learn


Wouw, first challenge of BEC in 2016!! The challenge is same as my first BEC challenge, what is my word for this year?

Last year, my word was to move. So far, I think I move quit great last year, be the better me. Event I know that I am not perfect, but I never give up, how slow I am, I still try to move.

After I tried to move last year, now I want to learn. At first, I think my word for this year will be control. But who I am to control things? I had learn that control everything was not fun, I felt stress and frustration when my expectation was different than reality. So I don’t use that word.

What I want to do with “learn”? I can learn to see around more clearly, learn to control my impulse, learn something new, learn from other people, or learn from books and journal. I can learn from everything around me. With this word, I can improve for better person and I hope I can be wiser than before.

A professor once said that until we die, we need to learn again and again. Because this world spins, the technology always new, the old theory developed, so we do not have excuses not to learn something new.

Never stop learning, because life never stop teaching

12 thoughts on “[EF]#16.1 Learn

    • maksudnya tahun 2016 ini tantangan yang pertama mbak Jo, makanya ditulis 16.1 πŸ˜€
      thank you mbak Jo, I hope I can always learn something in this year πŸ™‚

  1. Learning, yes, we need to learn and learn and learn. So many things in this world we need to learn about, especially about ourselves. It would be okay if I used learning also? Learning about myself.

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