[EF]#6 Alter Ego

“Please, I don’t want to watch that movie.”
“Oh come on, you’re not scare, are you?” Gina start to play the movie.
“I am Na, I am”
“With the movie? It just sadistic, not horror movie Jen”
“I am afraid that I want to killing people, that’s why I prefer horror than sadistic Na.”
“You are nice Jeni, I don’t think you can kill rabbit and cook it.”
“Yes, I can’t kill a rabbit, but how about my alter ego?”

Alter Ego.
An alter ego is a second self, a part of a person’s personality that is in marked contrast with his or her regular personality. Some people create their own alter ego and make them as ideal self. they start dreaming about the same and living a life of their own with the alter ego. Some other thinking that if they behave differently in different situations, they said to have an alter ego. In fact, it just social adaptation because it was adjustment of their behavior to meet social norms and expectation of other people. Another thinking when they life doubled life like a spy that become truck driver, that truck driver become their alter ego.

Having an alter ego can be beneficial if that make you creative and feel free to express yourself. Let’s see Lady Gaga that have four alter ego.Beside that Beyonce Knowles that have Sasha Fierce that have more self confident and bold than Beyonce herself. Nicki Minaj and Katty Perry also have their own alter ego in their video clip.

However, if the alter ego is more perfect than your real self, then it can result in low self esteem. If the alter ego is too dominating, then it can prevent a person from leading a normal life. So it is important that you don’t let it dominate over your personal life.

*this post is submission for English Friday Challange

27 thoughts on “[EF]#6 Alter Ego

    • Having an alter ego to help artists become creative to exploren themeselves is positive.
      As long as we can controlled it Ola, since the alter ego is personality that you create

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