[EF]#7 Time To Go Home

IMG_4801Pasopati overpass, Bandung

After a long long walk
I finally found my way
After a long long time
I finally found my place
– Home by Mocca

When sunrise tells you to start the day, sunset tells you it’s time to go home.

Early in the morning, we are always busy preparing breakfast, taking kids to school, and going to work. People start work with full of energy. After that, the energy starts to go down. The workloads and problems in a day tend to stress people, make them tired and sensitive. But, when the sun begins to go down, people try to cool down too. Some of them try to reduce stress by going out with friends, working out in gym, doing sports like futsal, swimming, jogging or just having sip of coffee in cafe. Some of them prefer to go home.

I forgot when I started thinking about it, but sunset always make me think about the idea of going home. Back to the place where you belong, place where I can find people who I love and love me, place to relax after “war” in one day. It is lovely to talk to your loved one and tell him or her about what happen that day, what problems you face that day, and you can play with your kids too. Seeing the happy face of your children can bring energy and joy. Finally we can rest our mind, body, and soul before the sun start to rise again.

I took this picture on my way home. I took it because it shows two things that I love, sunset and rain. The sunset was beautiful with the orange and yellow color. If you saw the other side, you would see beautiful rainbow. It is sad that I could not take the photo 😦 . When I saw this photo, I remembered about the idea that I shared above. That is why I used this photo for English Friday seventh challenge.

*This post has edited by Mbak Mikan. Thank you mbak Mikan 🙂