[EF]#8 Hello Younger Me

Hello tough girl!
Hello younger me!

Busy with UAN coming up right? It’s okay, you studied hard already, you would pass it 🙂 .

Coming up next, your collage life. I know, you really excited about that. It was really wonderful journey, happy and sad moment, drama things, and also a lot of first moment. You would met a lot of people from a lot of circle and found your true best friends that always there for you.

Hey, this day I just wondering that you are wiser than me, girl. You know your diary right? Your blog too? When I have a problems, I read it again about what your thinking and learn from it, so keep writing. Girl, you have lacked to believe in your instinct, but believe it. Because it is alarm to survive. If you have bad feeling, even it just for a moment, remember to check it again and again.

I want to tell you something that you already knew, fight and solve your problems until there is no more left and then let it go because whatever happen in your life happen for a reason. I know sometimes life gave you bitter things, it’s okay, don’t feel angry with yourself. It’s okay to feel you are not okay. If that happen, take a deep breath, smile again, and keep moving.

I am proud of you. I am happy with my life as you happy with your life too. Remember about the quote in novel from your favorite writer “life is a choice, to be happy or to be unhappy, i choose to be happy” and “carpe diem”. So be happy and seize the day.

From your older self, 10 years from now.

*this post is submission for English Friday Challange