[EF]#22 Vitamin Sea

I need Vitamin Sea this couple of months. Last 2013, I really want to go to Karimun Jawa in December, but I couldn’t do that since I need work to do. So when Nanang told me that he would go to Karimun Jawa on Mei, I really want to tag along there. But again, I couldn’t make it because my father refused it. I was really broken heart because I couldn’t see the sea. I miss snorkeling *event I can’t swim 😀 *

see the green water!

the blue sky and white sand!!

Beside Karimun Jawa, I also had a plan to go to Thousand Islands. Last years on August, I already paid the advance money to go to Harapan Island with Dwi. One day before it, we canceled it because our private issue *yeah, that huru hara time*. We really upset since we need to escape for a while, but couldn’t do that.

Last week, I had another plan to visit three islands near Jakarta with Mey. We already prepared for it, but we couldn’t find the tour that had a time last week. Besides that, Mey and I need to go to another place on Sunday, so I just can play on Saturday in Jakarta, that’s why we agreed to reschedule it for another time.

IMG_1272I wanted to do this again

I love to see the blue sea, clear sky, reading novels, or just looking around and reflecting myself. Sometimes, I need this kind of escape to see my problems from another perspective, to learn more, to see more, and to feel more. I hope after Ied Mubarak I can have Vitamin Sea, aamiin.

*Karimun Jawa Pict taken from here
**This post is submission for English Friday Challange
*** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂

[EF]#2 My Own Coffee Shop


So everybody every buddies
Days we grew up are days we will treasure
Everybody show is beginning, 
Curtain has risen,
Make your own story line
Dream as if you will live forever
And live as if you’ll die today
– One Ok Rock, C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.

If you ask me about my dreams, I have a lot of dreams. I want to graduate from my master degree, becoming psychologist, and have my own office. Beside that I want to traveling around the world, see the beauty in every country. Another dreams that I have are married, have a children, and have a house. But how about my wildest dream? At first, I do not know what I want to write. It just blank when I saw the second challenge of Blogger English Club. Should I write about that dream or that dream, or another dream? Little bit confused to write. Suddenly, I remember about this dream.

So here it is, my wildest dream is open a coffee shop. I know for today it is too mainstream. But I have this dream since high school. I want my coffee shop become some place that homy and cozy place to thinking, to discuss, do something together with your friends or family, and also children friendly. Beside that, I want to have little library in the coffee shop, so you can enjoy your drink and read good books. I always love to eating. For my coffee shop I want to have food that you can enjoy with coffee.

For now, I am still far away from this dream. There something that I need to do first. But I wish my dreams can come true. Aamiin.

Writing about my dreams, remembering me that I miss this one now days. I just too focus to get what I need to get in this early adulthood and push my self to the cliff. I know to get my dreams is not easy, but that doesn’t mean I need to become negative person and don’t chase my dreams because it just far away. So let’s achieve our dreams, planning it, and make it real.

*oh what a coincidence, this is my 500 posts in this blog!! 😀