Eid Mubarak 1440 H

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum
(May Allah accepts our deeds)

May Allah flood our life with happiness,
our heart with love, our soul with spiritual, our mind with wisdom.

Eid Mubarak
1 Syawal 1440 H


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The Art of Small Steps

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya mendapatkan sebuah tulisan mengenai the art of small steps yang ditulis oleh Antoine de Saint – Exupery. Beliau ini penulis dari Little Prince dan tulisan di bawah ini merupakan doa-nya yang menurut saya keren banget dan bikin saya ketampar. Rasanya langsung melihat ke dalam diri lagi dan bersyukur atas semuanya. Makanya doa dari Antoine de Saint – Exupery ini ingin saya kristalkan di sini:

Lord, I’m not praying for miracles and visions,
I’m only asking for strength for my days.
Teach me the art of small steps.

Make me clever and resourceful,
So that I can find important discoveries and experiences among the diversity of days.
Help me use my time better.
Present me with the sense to be able to judge whether something is important or not.

I pray for the power of discipline and moderation,
not only to run throughout my life,
but also to live my days reasonably,
and observe unexpected pleasures and height.

Save me from the naive belief that everything in life has to go smoothly.
Give me the sober recognition that difficulties, failures, fiasco, and setback
are given to us by life itself to make us grow and mature.

Send me the right person at the right moment,
who will have enough courage and love to utter the truth!
I know that many problems solve themselves,
so please teach me patience.

You know how much we need friendship.
Make me worthy of this nicest, hardest, riskiest and most fragile gift of life.
Give me enough imagination to be able to share with someone
a little bit of warmth, in the right place, at the right time,
with words or with silence.

Spare me the fear of missing out on life.
Do not give me the things I desire, but the things I need.
Teach me the art of small steps! 


“We’re grown-ups. We can’t run. We have to face up the stupid things we do. Supposedly, if you face up to them, something good comes out of it. I don’t know what.”

“Don’t you wish you could just take it back…that thing you said, that thing you did. There’s no “undo” button. There’s only hopping we can learn, we can change. Right? We can do better. We can’t take back what we’ve done. ‘Cause future keeps coming at us.”

“Best to keep the past in the past. Move on. Learn from it. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we wind up locked into a future we’d never choose. The past is written. There’s no changing it. What’s done is done. But the future is ours to choose.”

All this quotes are from Meredith Grey at season premiere Grey’s Anatomy season 13.

[EF]#19 My Best Friends

If friendship last longer than seven years, psychologist say it will last a life time

Every love relationship had their story. It’s not just about the happiness, but also angry, funny, sad, and disappointment. It will bring back memories. When I remember my past love relationship, event the worse ending have happiness in the middle of story.

How about another relationship?
Let’s talk about friendship. I have a couple of best friends and become like my own family. I know their parents, their wife and husband, and they know my family too.

I have W and Y, my best friends from elementary school. We played together, slept over, ate my mother’s dishes, accompanied me when I had a date, went to same English course, traveled to Bandung for check me up, and now they having their own family. I miss you guys.

I also have A, B, and A, my mix friends with absurd history behind that 😆 . So The A boy is my friend from elementary school, A girl and B is my friends from junior high school, double A’s mother went to the same high school before, and A boy’s mother was B’s dermatologist. So that was happen. Funny yet complicated wasn’t it?

M, I, and L are my best friends from high school. We shared the laugh, teased each other, skipped the tutoring, until now we sharing our story. R, L, and A are another best friends in my high school era. We shared a lot of story, especially with R. We really care about each other. Always ready when one of us had a problems. I miss our laugh guys!! D, A, and G are my best friends that always knew when I had problems. They’re really knew how to make me laugh and had positive though about what happen.

Don’t forget about S that became my partner in crime at campus. We shared the laugh, gossips, and also went to holiday together from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, until Singapore. We shopped and bough groceries together too. Played and studied together with M, S, L, I, P, T, and M. We played and laugh hard with K, A, R, N, and O.

Last but not least, my special relationship with D. Yes we have the same first name, birth month, history, and a lot other common. That’s why we like twins with different parents 😆 . We shared a lot of memory. Hurt, happiness, angry, funny, and stupid things.

Long story eh? I still have memorable memories with my best friends that became my brothers and sisters. One of the stories is in here. Maybe I will tell you about another story in another post.

For my dearest friends, you know who you are, always pray for your happiness. I love you and I miss you all 🙂

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** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂

Burung Kenari

Canary bird that can not sing will never get a pair

Kemarin saya membeli bubble drink dan mendapatkan tulisan tersebut di gelas minumannya. Saya selalu berpikir bahwa tidak ada yang kebetulan di dunia ini. Termasuk tulisan di gelas yang membuat saya berpikir kira-kira apa maksud tulisan tersebut. Setelah membaca bolak balik tulisannya, bengong memperhatikan hujan, dan berusaha menamatkan sebuah novel, akhirnya saya sok tahu mulai memahami maksud tulisannya.

Burung kenari merupakan burung kicau yang memiliki tubuh mungil, warna yang indah, serta kicauan yang merdu. Tentu saja karena keunggulan tersebut, Burung Kenari sering diperlombakan. Tetapi, ada burung kenari yang tiba-tiba saja tidak dapat bernyanyi yang disebabkan oleh kondisi Burung yang sedang sakit ataupun karena stres. Stresnya sendiri dapat disebabkan oleh sakit atau karena lingkungan di sekitar kandang yang kurang baik. Burung Kenari yang sakit dan stres tentu akan kesulitan bernyanyi dan memikat pasangannya.

Begitu juga dengan kita. Apabila Burung Kenari memikat orang disekitar dengan nyanyiannya, kita dapat membuat orang disekitar nyaman, tersenyum, dan bahagia apabila kita nyaman dan bahagia dengan diri sendiri. If you want make someone happy, you need to start it with you first. Setelah kita nyaman dan bahagia dengan diri sendiri, energi positifnya akan menular dan membuat bahagia orang disekitar kita.

Saya mendapatkan tulisan ini seperti pengingat untuk diri sendiri dan bertanya kembali. Sudahkan saya bahagia dengan diri sendiri? Sudahkah saya bersyukur dengan apa yang saya miliki? Apakah saya masih menjalani hari dengan kemarahan dan kebingungan? Apakah saya nyaman dengan diri saya sendiri? Apakah saya sudah menikmati hari? Apakah saya sudah mengambil kesempatan-kesempatan yang bisa saya raih hari ini?

Pertanyaan – pertanyaan ini merupakan bentuk evaluasi diri yang saya lakukan sebelum tidur. Untuk melihat kembali bagaimana saya menjalani hari dan berusaha tidur dengan senyum di wajah, agar tidak menyesali hari ini, agar dapat mengawali hari esok dengan ceria dan semangat baru. Ketika kita dapat berbahagia menghadapi hari, tentu orang disekitar akan tertular kebahagiaan. Seperti burung Kenari yang riang bernyanyi dan membuat sekelilingnya tersenyum mendengar nyanyiannya, dan bahkan mendapat pasangan.

*informasi soal Burung Kenari didapatkan dari sini

[EF]#1 Move

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Never give up!
When your heart becomes tired,
just walk with your legs, but move on

-Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage

I forget when the last time I wrote my blog in English. So when I read on Mas Dani blog about Blog English Club (BEC), it just like challenge to make my writing in English better. So here I am.

If you ask me about my word for 2015 is Move.

I understand that in 2014 I tried too hard and pushed my self so my planning that year can work. But the truth, it’s not working. I had to many expectation. When the truth different than what I expected, I hurt my self. So for 2015, I don’t want to have high expectation. I just want to move.

I want to move to be a better person. Try to fix my self. I will shalat without missing one time and do the sunnah too. After a year became negative person, this year, let’s become more positive about my self and life. Beside that, I want to try not to push my self and have high expectation. I am trying to low my expectation so I can be more grateful when something happen.

In my life, I want to move in my collage life. I want to graduate from my master degree. Now I am trying to finish my report so I can trial for my profession degree. After that, I can move to do my thesis. I want to move and trying to work with office hour. That’s new experience for me, since I always work as freelancer.

It’s not gonna easy to move, since you need a lot of hard work for it. First step is the hardest part. But like Paulo Coelho said in his novel, move.

Manusia itu Unik

Every man is in certain respects like all other man, like some other man, and like no other man
(Henry A. Murray)

Quote di atas saya dapatkan saat sedang mempelajari interpretasi kasus di kelas dasar-dasar assessmen. Dari kata-kata di atas kita dapat mengetahui bahwa individu itu seperti orang pada umumnya, seperti orang kebanyakan, dan juga tidak seperti semua orang atau unik. Individu seperti semua orang karena beberapa faktor penentu kepribadian bersifat universal bagi species. Setiap orang mengalami kelahiran, belajar bagaimana berdiri, dan bertumbuh. Individu seperti orang kebayakan seperti orang yang pintar atau atlet di seluruh dunia memiliki kesamaan. Sebagai individu, tentu memiliki kekhasan yang tidak ada di orang lain. Individu memiliki persepsi, perilaku, dan pola karakteristik yang tidak dapat diduplikasi oleh orang lain.