[EF]#16.9 The Unexpected Event

During my blog days, never cross my mine that someday there is my college would search about her task and get it from my blog. It was happen last years when she ask me if I knew about coklatdanhujan.wordpress.com since there are my photos in one of the post. Sure I knew who blog it was 😆 . After that she asked about the topic and we discuss it together.

Another event when my friend boss at the meeting told their staff about Anak Sungai Cikapayang park in Bandung. One of my friend that was their staff knew me since there is my photo in that post. After that he read a couple of my post and talk to me about that.

It embarrassed that somebody near me read my blog. At first I feel strange, but nowadays It’s OK for me. I hope somebody whoever they are enjoy and get something from my post 🙂 .


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