[EF]#16.7 Honesty in Blogging

How far do you honest with your life? Especially in your blog? When somebody wrote in blog, we need to be honest with the picture or information that we use from somebody. That’s why I always try to share the link of picture or information that I take.

Another thing about honesty in online if we share information to other. I need to stay honest with it because I use this blog as my diary, my memories about happy and sad things those come in to my life. If I share about the movie, books, cafe, or places that I went, it was based on my experiences. So sometimes I told about what I like and dislike about that.

Why we need to be honest in social media? Being honest doesn’t mean tell all your stories. There also part of our life that needs to be off the record. Being honest with blog or our social media means give our reader and follower the true information about something, tell them about our opinion, feeling, or thinking about something. Maybe for some people traffic in the blog is everything, so they start to dishonest with what their wrote. Yeah that’s their blog too, but since our story being publish, we have responsibility to give the reader the truth.

* This post is submission for English Friday Challenge
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi

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