[EF]#16.6 Getting Online

Did you ever Google yourself? I did.

I feel amazing about what I saw from Google. It knew every website that had me as their member. After that, I began to manage my online presence. What is the online presence? For me, is about my digital footprint. I use the internet from my storm and stress era until now, so yeah I left a lot of footprint in digital world.

Nowadays, getting online is all about sharing. Sharing is not only your mind, but also photos, places, foods that you eat, until personal information. How much your personal data become viral? How much you want everyone know about you? For me, I want to keep some of it private. So I began to delete my LinkedIn, make my Facebook more private, and delete a lot of inactive account. I started not share my nephew and my friend’s photos in Instagram too, because everyone has their privacy. So if I want to share some photo, I will ask them first if they ok with it. I always maintain my blog twice a year. I do that to see which one is private and delete that post. Usually, it was my post from early blog years.

How about in office world? One of my collages told me that beside CV, our online presence becomes important to know more about us. Company started to look our footprint in digital word and that become consideration whether we can get a job or not.

Be smart about what we want to share in digital word.

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi

3 thoughts on “[EF]#16.6 Getting Online

  1. Iya kita mesti hati-hati banget nih soal menyebarkan apa pun di media sosial… salah-salah bisa disalahgunakan. Saya juga melakukan hal yang sama–menjadikan FB lebih private, menyeleksi teman-teman (yang sekiranya tidak begitu kenal/aneh didelete saja), terus lebih berhati-hati sharing momen, tidak semua kejadian dalam hidup kita kan harus di-share di media sosial, kan? Mudah-mudahan kita jadi orang yang lebih berhati-hati yaa :)).

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