[EF]#16.5 The Tale of Solar Eclipse

In Indonesia, we have a lot of tales that we can share with children. One of the tales is about Solar Eclipse from Middle of Java, Indonesia. So this is the story:

In the highest peak of Menoreh Mountain, there is Puthuk Songo the place where nine Batara (God) live. One day, Batara Guru (the Lead of God) want to give the holy water called Tirta Kamandanu. This water can cure the disease, give long live, and give welfare. Every Batara gather to get the water except Batara Kala. But Batara Kala that cunning manages to infiltrate among Batara. He was disguise as Batara Indra (God of Rain) and manage to gulp the water. Batara Surya (God of Sun) knew about it and angry. He reported Batara Kala to Batara Guru. After that Batara Kala slandered and attacked by Lord Vishnu. From this moment, Batara Kala vowed to repay Batara Surya. At certain moments he’ll swallow or eat the sun, and that’s when a solar eclipse on earth.

That’s why from some people, when solar eclipse happen, they prefer to stay at home with their children. They believe if their children played outside, Buto would kidnap them. But nowadays people felt excited to see total solar eclipse and so did I. Some of my friends went to Belitung to saw the Total Solar Eclipse, some of my family went to Menado.

How about me? I prefer to stay at home and saw it from television. When I saw it, made me remember one of tv series that I watched, Heroes Reborn πŸ˜€

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi

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