[EF]#16.2 The Intern

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Starting a new job can be challenging for a new people. But how about the elder? How about a retired person trying to work as intern in e-commerce business?  That is what happen with Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), a 70 years old widower who has discovered that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

Jules, as working mom tried to balance her life between office and home. She try to find a CEO to help her in the office, so she has more time at home. Jules -like other work mom- face the judgment from stay at home mom about working hard at her office and don’t have much time to her husband and her daughter. She is a perfectionist.

At first, Jules not comfortable with Ben because what older people can help her in e-commerce company? He still bring a briefcase at work, wearing suit and tie, have notebook, pens, glasses, and clock in his briefcase, also he has an old phone. He didn’t know how to use the laptop. Beside that Jules thinking that Ben too observant. But After some time, Jules feel everything is on the track because of Ben. He help her tidying the desk, pick her up from house, or buy her lunch. He also help Jules to find some data and report it to Jules. His experiences at work help Jules.

For me, this movie is great. It makes me remember that there are one or two attitude from elder people that still relevant today. Like Ben as intern waiting for his boss, use perfect cloth to office so we can get the good impression from our client, and trying to talk. It was really funny to see one of the intern tried to apologize by e-mail and message but didn’t try to apologize face to face. I also have new information why elder love to have handkerchief 😀 .

This movie help me to try harder to help my parents with their android mobile phone, help them learn use video call, attach photo or video in whats app, or help them to search application they need. They help me grow up until now, so this is my change to help them learn new things.

Jules, quite describes a working woman nowadays: doing a lot of things in one day. It just like she doesn’t have enough sleep, often skips her breakfast, doesn’t have enough time to just slow down the pace. It is really tired to go to the office, chill out with friends, have a time for a family, but we don’t have time to ourselves or be mindfulness. Sometimes we need to sit back, take a deep breath and be present like eating without texting or open our social media things, play with your child without thinking about other thing, meet up with friends without hold our mobile phone. As for my self, I learn to be present. I try to eat and feel how great the taste of the food, talking to my mom and dad without my mobile phone around me, do my thesis without open my social media. It is become hard things to do since we really attach with our mobile phone.

I recommend this film 🙂

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂


22 thoughts on “[EF]#16.2 The Intern

  1. Halo Ira, nice review you got here 🙂 and I like the fact that you give opinion and example in your daily life. I can barely realize the confusing words challenged by BEC in your post as it is quite interesting post and well written! You’re really up to the BEC challenge, aren’t you 😉

    • thank you so much mbak Arbiyanti.
      At first I don’t know what to write until I finished watch this movie and feel to share my thought about it 🙂

  2. Raa….what a nice post! Good one ra. couldnt agree more with u. Will watch this movie. I will try to join BEC challenge again. Ahhhhh janji muluuuu ga jadi2 hehe

    • really mbak Jo? thank you so much mbakkk.
      mesti banget nonton drama ini deh mbak Jo… udah lama ga ada tontonan drama lagi sejak begin again 😀

  3. Agak annoying pas scene yg di mobil pas d SF ajah siihh.. hahhaa… sisanyaa akuu sukaaaa… …

    Yg pas jules sampe mewek mikirin dkubur sendirian …. ben itu sungguh kebapakan…. huhuhuuuu

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