[EF]#33 Hello From 2015


How are you today? Ok it is little bit awkward to greet my other 10 years older. It was easy to write a letter to my other 10 years younger, but for you? I do not know what to say.

Dear myself in the future, I hope you will have started your own little family, having a child or two. It is going to be tired to be parents, but I also know that you will survive. Remember that you want your children who are able, in and of themselves, are able to impart the meaning of their lives. So keep fighting!! Oh yeah before that, I am interested, who will be your spouse? Your friends from university or your new friend or who? Whoever he is, I hope he will love you and your children. Beside that I hope you both will be happy and survive whatever battle in the future.

I hope you will have achieved one of your biggest dream, like to be a great psychologist for your environment or maybe have a coffee shop like your dream in here?

I know we love to plan something, but for you my other ten years older; I don’t want to make assumptions. We really know how planning could “kill” us. So I want a surprise about the good things and improve to be the better me. I hope you will have been better than me today. 

Wouw you almost 40th!! I hope you will have started your life before the quote “life begins at 40th”. I think you and I agree that our life has begun at 26 😀 . So cheer up, keep the positive thinking around you. You will have been more mature than I am today. I also believe you will have had happier than today. I hope that you live your dream life. 

Remember, don’t push yourself to the end of the road. Sometimes event life give you lemon or roller coaster day, just take a deep breath and look around, feel the air, slow down your pace, and you will see the light. I will make you remember again about our favorite quotes “life is a choice, to be happy or to be unhappy, I choose to be happy” and “carpe diem”. So be happy and seize the day.

Last but not less, this is the quote that I got in early January
Never give up! When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs, but move on
-Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂
***Thank you Franz Herz to help me correct the grammar 🙂

Hey it’s the last Friday in this year. Make me remember it has been a year I join Blog English Club and trying my self to write English in English Friday Challenge. Thank you every one who help me improve my English writing. I love you all!!! As I said in my first English Friday Challenge, this year is full of move and I am very happy 🙂