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My friends, Cice introduced me to her project to help build kindergarten school near my house. She is an artist, so she helps to decorate and paint the school. It was really interesting to see the school since it has been different than another kindergarten. We only see a playground with plants, no swing or slide there. In their classroom, their choose wood, pine cone, or branch to decorate the room. Cice introduced me to Kak Kenny, who owned the school. We talk about this Waldorf Education and make me really interested in their approach. I began to come in their study group, read their books, and also search about their school. Waldorf education offers something that I want to do with kids near me, like do some natural things, minimalist gadgets from kids, and also help children to survive when they become adults.

So what is Waldorf Education? Waldorf education is a unique and distinctive approach to education which is responsive to the developmental phases in childhood and the nurturing of independent thought and imagination that encourage creativity and free thinking. Waldorf education was developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) at the beginning of the 20th century. That’s why they also called Waldorf School as Steiner School.

The best overall statement on what is unique about Waldorf education is to be found in the stated goals of the schooling: “to produce individuals who are able, in and of themselves, to impart meaning to their lives”. Its just likes to help children to choose and responsible their own path in the future.

I got a lot of insight when I came to their study group and make me want to help this school with what I can do. I know maybe for other countries, this is not new, but for me, for Indonesia, this is the new approach. I just know one kindergarten in Yogyakarta that uses this approach. In Bandung, next year there is one school, Jagad Alit kindergarten that has his approach.

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13 thoughts on “[EF]#32 Waldorf Education

    • I think they different Nita. Sekolah Alam has their own path. lagipula sekolah alam yg di Indonesia kalau dilihat lebih ke arah sekolah inklusi sih

    • that’s different Tane. kayak di Montessori mereka nyampurin anak dalam satu kelas untuk agar anak kecil bisa belajar dgn yg lebih besar, sdgkan di Waldorf tujuannya bukan ke sana.
      sekolah waldorf di yogya aku lupa lagi namanya Tane

  1. Hm, setelah saya lihat-lihat beberapa puluh tahun lalu mungkin orang melabeli pendidikan alam bebas seperti ini dengan satu frasa: tidak sekolah. No offense, ini bukan yang diam di rumah lantas main game, tapi ini versi desa, ketika anak bebas bercengkrama dengan alam, belajarnya dari memecahkan masalah yang timbul di tengah-tengah interaksinya.
    Sekarang namanya keren ya, Waldorf Education. Keren juga sih, penasaran dengan bagaimana kelanjutannya, keep us updated ya!

    • Iya Gara, aku pun saat kenal konsep pendidikan ini ngingetin sama ketika maen ke desa.
      I’ll try to update about this ya. Aku pun masih belajar soalnya

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