[EF]#30 What If

What if I give you my story?
Are you gonna listen to me?
What if I give you my heart?
Are we never gonna be apart?

Last two weeks, I didn’t have idea about what I want to write. Las night, I had a chit-chat with my friends at cafe near university, and this challenge came to my mind. We talked about our own stories. Since we are learn psychology, we tried to see our problems from many perspective.

Sometimes, in life we I  have expectation that I can’t reach, sometimes I feel something wrong with me because of parenting that my parents decided. What if my mother more attach with me, what if I my father didn’t fierce? What if her mother didn’t hard with my friends? What if I didn’t get bully in my elementary school? and a lot of what if. everything is about our  my dissatisfaction in my life.

But then, we forgot something, every parents wants their children be the better version of themselves and they want the best for their children. Lets imagine, what if they didn’t do that to us? Are we gonna be like this? Are we gonna be this strong? Maybe not. So that’s the point. Sometimes, we need to forgive people who make us suffer in our difficult time. Because if they didn’t do it, maybe we can’t be as strong as we are now, maybe we can’t reach place that we have now.

So I feel bless, for every event that happen in my life. The happy, sad, suffer, difficult, surprise, or angry moment. Because all this event make me as far as I am now and I hope better me in the future, aamiin.

 * This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂


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