[EF]#29 Dear Partner in Crime

Dear my partner in crime

We have known each other since high school. How did we meet? I think we introduced by Kaka Yudi, your classmate right? Since that when we met in school we talk a little and share smile. Then, in our third year, we became classmate. We knew that we love reading manga and novels, we started to borrow from each other. From our talked, we knew that we had the same dream faculty. We started to look the university together and decided to try our luck in private university. We registered together, taken the test, and we passed it!! But the problems came. We needed to decide whether we pay the 10% tuition fee or not and then we pay it!! We became the first person in class that had college student card. We really proud about that one 😀

Even we saved the chair for private university, we still tried the SPMB *what do you call it today?* to faculty of Psychology in Padjajaran University. But if we did SPMB, we need to sign another faculty. We discussed about what kind of faculty that we should wrote that not really famous and not necessarily be accepted. I choose agriculture faculty and you choose agribusiness. The funny story was we were accepted in our second choice and we “galau” together. Hahahaha. Everybody said we need to save our place since it was public university, but we knew that we want to go to faculty of Psychology. That was our hard week!! In the last day of registration in public university, we made decision to let that go and prefer private university.

So we became classmate again in university. Even our collage number is only one digit different!! We share a lot of stories about the assignments that never end, the practicum days, helped each other to look for subject practicum, we knew about our love stories, the upside down days, and we went to vacation together. We supported each other to finish our skripsi too. Also, we went to another country together too!! Even we had a lot of peer group in campus, we still together.

We share our “treasure”, our tv series from west to east, from Korea Drama, Dorama, Taiwan, until Thai movie.We could sit for hours in KFC, JCo donuts, Texas, our faculty for the internet connection 😆 .We also love to taste different restaurant and cafe. We really love to go to cinemas and watch drama movie.

Until you work in Jakarta and I am still in Bandung, we still contact each other. Sometimes we met on the weekend and talk about a lot of things. I know that now, we choose different path, but whatever the path, we still keep in touch.

Today is your happiest day. You are getting married!! I am really happy for you. Our silly voting with Karaokeers (yes we name our peer that one 😆 ) was failed, you are that the first in our peer that getting married!! I pray for your happiness in married life, I hope you and Reza can build that sakinah, mawaddah, and warahmah family. Aamiin.

Yesterday you asked about your present, so here it is my first present for you my dearest partner in crime.

You know I love you partner,


NB: I am really happy that this week challenge is about someone because I want to talk about my partner in crime today. Such a coincidence 😀
* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂


6 thoughts on “[EF]#29 Dear Partner in Crime

  1. Wow you always post early! Btw it’s interesting that apparently two bloggers (you and Nadia) wrote about a close friend. And congratulations for your best friend 🙂

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