[EF}#28 I Love The Mountain Song

I often share my favorite song in my blog, so for today challenge I want to share another song. This is the children song *maybe some of you know this song already*.

I knew about this song last week when I had study group about Waldorf School. I feel excited about this new concept of school (I will share it later for this). We sang this song as a warm up before the study begin. It was really fun and helped to improve my concentration because we can sing it as a group of four and sing around like in the video.

This is the lyric:
(1) I love the mountains
I love the rolling hill
(2) I love the flowers
I love the daffodils
(3) I love the fireside
When the lights are low
(4) Boom dee-a-da Boom dee-a-da
Boom dee-a-da Boom dee-yay
Boom dee-a-da Boom dee-a-da
Boom dee-a-da Boom dee-yay

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂

15 thoughts on “[EF}#28 I Love The Mountain Song

  1. This song is quite tricky! It has simple lyric but when I listen to it until the end, it looks like we have to sang different verses and try to keep singing it until the leader has reached the refrain. Tricky and interesting! Thanks for sharing! I think I could use it in a game about concentrating :)). And if you’re not mind, could you share your link in the chit chat group? I’m sure there are a lot of members who want to read your entry. Thank you!

    • That’s right Gara, in second time you sing it, one group will sing different lyric. That’s why in lyric I give it number, so when the dirst group singing lyric in number two, another group start singing number one. You can use it for four group Gara. And that’s true that you need to concentrate to sing it :))).
      Tomorrow I will share in group ya Gara 😉

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