[EF]#27 Let’s Drink Mineral Water and Sleep Early

How long I did not write about English Friday? I think I miss two challenges. I knew I would just use my excuse for this. But let’s try to fix it with writing the new challenge. Thank you mas Ryan for remind me about this challenge 😀 . *I knew, I am bad student x_x*

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Two years ago, I did not like to drink mineral water. I preferred color water than mineral water. I knew that our body need mineral water eight glasses per day but I just did not like it, until I had Hepatitis A. I need to drunk a lot of mineral water to help clean my liver.  After my doctor said I was healthy, I love to bring tumbler with mineral water. In restaurant I choose to drink mineral water than color water like ice tea, Thai tea, or coffee. It makes my digestive organs healthier too.

Another habit that changes my life is sleep early. It is really helpful. I feel energizing. I used to fatigue and cranky when I slept late at night. I tried to sleep between nine or eleven o’clock everyday and get up at three or four o’clock. It was really hard before. I feel lazy to wake up early. But now, it is easy to get up and feel fresher than before.

This simple habit changes my life. Sleep early and drink mineral water can help me fresher than before, I can think more clearly, my mood in the morning is great too.

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂

7 thoughts on “[EF]#27 Let’s Drink Mineral Water and Sleep Early

  1. Drink plenty of water is a habit that we bloggers must have, because we do a lot of sitting and not drinking plenty of water will surely guide you to the most unpleasant disease you could have :huhu. But I’ve been at your place, too, not having enough sleep and I was suffered from Hepatitis A. Oops, gotta go to sleep.

  2. I will haunt you till you make the post. hahhaaha.

    I need to drunk a lot of mineral water to help clean my liver. <= there's something about this sentence. 😀

    Well, you should drink plenty of water Ira. My friend, from the previous office, had a liver problem due to her habits – not drinking plenty of water. But don't drink it too much either. Yang sedang-sedang ajaaaa *tarik manggg

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