[EF]#24 Fruit Ice for Break Fasting


I do not have special recipe at this fasting month, but for break fasting, my family always have tradition to make fruit ice. It is really simple recipe and everybody can make it. I already shared this recipe in Indonesian. So here it is the recipe:

Sugar palm fruit (Kolang kaling)
Cocopandan Syrup
Sweet condensed milk (Susu kental manis)
Mineral water

How to make it:
1. Cut Jelly, kolang kaling, papaya, and mango into square
2. Cut Lychees and strawberry into four
3. Get all the fruits, jelly, and kolang kaling in to one bowl
4. Pour the mineral water in to bowl
5. Give cocopandan syrup and sweet heavy milk as you like

It is really easy right? I hope you like the fruit ice. You can use another fruits that you like. It is really fresh in summer time!!


8 thoughts on “[EF]#24 Fruit Ice for Break Fasting

  1. T-that easy? Why haven’t I ever think about it? I should try find some fruits in the minimarket and try making some fruit ice :hehe. The sweet flavor is from the syrup and the milk so we don’t have to add more sugar into it, right?

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