[EF]#23 Mudik Time


It still second day of shaum and I am going to write about mudik 😆 Mudik is going to home town and meet with your big family. We always do that in the big day such as Ied Mubarak, Christmas, Nyepi, Waisak, etc.

Actually this couple of years I did not do mudik. My mother’s family gathers in Bandung. How about my father’s family? We often gather in Jakarta. So we are going to go to city. One thing that I love about going to Jakarta in Lebaran is Jakarta little bit empty, not much traffic jam here and there. My family can go to Jakarta just for 2 hours and half. I think we just prepare the car for going to Jakarta and my brother always have this duty 😀 .

How about before we moved to Bandung? My mother used to bought train ticket two weeks before the day *before KAI have obligation that we can buy ticket three month before the day*. We also prepared what hotel that we wanted to book and checked to my uncle to see was there any car that we could borrow.

I am really happy thinking about gathering with your big family, sharing some stories, seeing my nephews, or going out with my cousins. I just cannot wait for Ied Mubarak.

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂