[EF]#22 Vitamin Sea

I need Vitamin Sea this couple of months. Last 2013, I really want to go to Karimun Jawa in December, but I couldn’t do that since I need work to do. So when Nanang told me that he would go to Karimun Jawa on Mei, I really want to tag along there. But again, I couldn’t make it because my father refused it. I was really broken heart because I couldn’t see the sea. I miss snorkeling *event I can’t swim 😀 *

see the green water!

the blue sky and white sand!!

Beside Karimun Jawa, I also had a plan to go to Thousand Islands. Last years on August, I already paid the advance money to go to Harapan Island with Dwi. One day before it, we canceled it because our private issue *yeah, that huru hara time*. We really upset since we need to escape for a while, but couldn’t do that.

Last week, I had another plan to visit three islands near Jakarta with Mey. We already prepared for it, but we couldn’t find the tour that had a time last week. Besides that, Mey and I need to go to another place on Sunday, so I just can play on Saturday in Jakarta, that’s why we agreed to reschedule it for another time.

IMG_1272I wanted to do this again

I love to see the blue sea, clear sky, reading novels, or just looking around and reflecting myself. Sometimes, I need this kind of escape to see my problems from another perspective, to learn more, to see more, and to feel more. I hope after Ied Mubarak I can have Vitamin Sea, aamiin.

*Karimun Jawa Pict taken from here
**This post is submission for English Friday Challange
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