[EF]#21 Let’s Go To Bosscha Observatory!!

Holiday is coming, so where are you going to go? Let me tell you one place near Bandung that can be one of your place destination for holiday


Bosscha Observatory is the one place that help you to see the stars in Indonesia. It is the oldest and the biggest observatory in Indonesia. It is located in Lembang. It’s about 15km from Bandung. If you are from my age, you would know that this observatory is one of location from “Petualangan Sherina”.

Actually, Bosscha Observatory is a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences that provide for research institute with specific programs. Because of that, we can’t go to Bosscha every day. For public visit, you can only come on Saturday from 09.00 am to 01.00 pm. The good news is we can have night visit to see the stars!! Just check the date in here.

We can go to Bosscha Observatory by private car, taxi, ojeg, or angkot. Last time I went there, I used angkot Station Hall – Lembang from Pasteur. It will stop in front of the gate. After that I went with ojeg. It was really nice, I had a tour to saw the biggest telescope in Indonesia, “Refractor Double Zeiss”. Besides that, there were other telescopes too in Bosscha Observatory.

IMG_6964Refractor Double Zeiss

My budget from this trip was under Rp.100.000!! These are the detail:
Angkot Sarijadi – St. Hall               Rp.  3.000,-
Angkot St-hall – Lembang             Rp.  7.000,-
Ojeg                                               Rp.  5.000,-
Entry Fee                                       Rp.20.000,-

I hope my next visit is for night visit, aamiin.

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂


17 thoughts on “[EF]#21 Let’s Go To Bosscha Observatory!!

  1. Waa saya kepengin banget tandang ke observatorium ini, melihat bintang secara langsung via teleskop besar, langsung berasa jadi ilmuwan bintang :hehe. Oalah ternyata observatorium ini masih dipakai oleh mahasiswa, syukurlah, jadi pasti masih terjaga bangunan dan teleskopnya itu :)).

    Tak sabar untuk bisa segera ke sana!

    • Ayo maen ke Bandung, Gara….
      Teleskop yang besar itu khusus untuk penelitian Gara, kalau kita mau neropong, pakai teleskop yang lain 😀

      • Hoo, jadi khusus untuk penelitian… tak apalah yang penting bisa merasakan juga sensasi meneropong bintang secara langsung :hehe.

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