[EF]#19 My Best Friends

If friendship last longer than seven years, psychologist say it will last a life time

Every love relationship had their story. It’s not just about the happiness, but also angry, funny, sad, and disappointment. It will bring back memories. When I remember my past love relationship, event the worse ending have happiness in the middle of story.

How about another relationship?
Let’s talk about friendship. I have a couple of best friends and become like my own family. I know their parents, their wife and husband, and they know my family too.

I have W and Y, my best friends from elementary school. We played together, slept over, ate my mother’s dishes, accompanied me when I had a date, went to same English course, traveled to Bandung for check me up, and now they having their own family. I miss you guys.

I also have A, B, and A, my mix friends with absurd history behind that 😆 . So The A boy is my friend from elementary school, A girl and B is my friends from junior high school, double A’s mother went to the same high school before, and A boy’s mother was B’s dermatologist. So that was happen. Funny yet complicated wasn’t it?

M, I, and L are my best friends from high school. We shared the laugh, teased each other, skipped the tutoring, until now we sharing our story. R, L, and A are another best friends in my high school era. We shared a lot of story, especially with R. We really care about each other. Always ready when one of us had a problems. I miss our laugh guys!! D, A, and G are my best friends that always knew when I had problems. They’re really knew how to make me laugh and had positive though about what happen.

Don’t forget about S that became my partner in crime at campus. We shared the laugh, gossips, and also went to holiday together from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, until Singapore. We shopped and bough groceries together too. Played and studied together with M, S, L, I, P, T, and M. We played and laugh hard with K, A, R, N, and O.

Last but not least, my special relationship with D. Yes we have the same first name, birth month, history, and a lot other common. That’s why we like twins with different parents 😆 . We shared a lot of memory. Hurt, happiness, angry, funny, and stupid things.

Long story eh? I still have memorable memories with my best friends that became my brothers and sisters. One of the stories is in here. Maybe I will tell you about another story in another post.

For my dearest friends, you know who you are, always pray for your happiness. I love you and I miss you all 🙂

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂

19 thoughts on “[EF]#19 My Best Friends

  1. It’s kind of surprising that when we recall the phases of life we’ve been through, we’ve made so many friends, more than we thought we had. Life is good. 😀

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