[EF]#18 Between Mind and Heart

What is complicated relationship for you?

When I read about this week challenge, I was thinking about partner relationship. But then, I was thinking again about what kind of complicated relationship that I want to write? About my complicated relationship with my thesis? *maklum kak, anak semester akhir*.

You can thinking about a lot of things when talking about complicated relationship. About partnership, married life, kids with their parents, lecture and their collage student, vice versa. So what kind of relationship that I want to talk?

Have you ever on the state that your mind say A and you heart say B? That’s a complicated relationship for me. It was not easy to compromised this two things. It’s that your mind know what is right, but your heart refuse to do that. For the example, when you decided want to write your Thesis but you feel not easy to meet your lecturer because you had a problem with him or her. Another complicated thing is like when we lost our path. Our mind knows that the best thing is going back to the right track, but our heart feel happy in this lost. This think, make us said it’s not easy to going back at the right track.

I think complicated relationship is between my mind and my heart.

* This post is submission for English Friday Challange 
** Feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂

14 thoughts on “[EF]#18 Between Mind and Heart

  1. Wuoh, this is the most fundamental relationship which holds the title of “complicated”, because every human must have this kind of relationship, as one sign that the human is living.
    Hm, but I think that’s where the religion kicks in, to give a way to choose. We usually give all of these kind of problems to God, and suddenly we get the answer. Religion explains this simply, while logic seems have several aspects that it can’t accept.

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