[EF]#12 Story of Transportation

IMG_6954me and my friends in Angkot

I have used public transportation since I live in Surabaya. I often used taxi, angkot, or ojek to help me going anywhere. Today, I prefer angkot and taxi as my public transportation. We can find angkot easily in Bandung. Maybe that’s why I was lazy to drive in Bandung πŸ˜€ . Now days, angkot has improvement such as there is trash bin inside, electric plug, even WiFi. How cool is that!! But then, government decided to raise the price of BBM. The cost of angkot increase and made me think to buy motorcycle because the cost difference betweenΒ it was quite far. When it was rain, I prefer to went back home with taxi. It was cheaper and drier than I used angkot. I really hopes that government has regulation about the costΒ of public transport. If public transport is cheaper, cleaner, and saver than private transportation, I think people will prefer public transportation.

*sorry for the late post
**this post is submission for English Friday Challange
*** feel free to be grammar Nazi πŸ™‚
****thank you Mas Ryan and Mbak Tjetje for help me correction this post

17 thoughts on “[EF]#12 Story of Transportation

    • true…if public transportation as expensive as private transportation, people will prefer private transportation because it easy and safer

  1. Wew. You are so late submitting this challenge. Should I give you punishment? LOL. Kidding.

    The cheaper fare should be considered indeed but the quality of the service itself is one of the most important thing for me. Such as what you wrote, wifi, I think people will okay to pay more if they can used Wifi.

    Btw correction for your writings:
    1. As mentioned by Mba Mikan, use cost for service not price. Or you can use fare it you like.
    2. cost different – I believe you mean “perbedaan Harga” so it should be cost difference. The noun. Not the adj.

    • please don’t do that mas Ryan………I have a lot to do last week >< . Better late than never right?
      actually for WiFi, it just in few angkot mas..
      ah that's right "cost"!! gonna change it. Thank you for your correction mas Ryan

  2. Angkots in Bandung are so many with various colors, I remembered reading about them on Mbak Nadia’s post before :hehe.
    I am wondering when will our country’s public transportation be reliable, fast, cheap, and safe, too :hehe. Let’s hope that the dream will be realized soon :hehe.

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