[EF]#11 My Outfit

This is my first post about outfit of the day. I rarely have my photo in this blog neither in my instagram, so this is very challenging for me to share my full body photo. I don’t follow fashion trend. If I need to tell you my style, maybe I would tell it as casual and sporty. Sometimes, I love to look chic too. I choose my clothes based on what I need to do that day. If I saw my client, I choose formal cloth such as pants, blouse or shirt, and flat shoes. If I played with my friends, I would wear jeans, t-shirt, sling bag, and sneakers. If I wanted to look chic, I wore dress or skirt, tote bag, and flats shoes. If I went to university, I would wear polo shirt or t-shirt, or shirt, jeans, backpack, and sneakers.

For this challenge, I choose my photo when I played ice skating with my friend in Paris Van Java Bandung.

IMG_5604in this photo I wear:
glasses – Levi’s
parka jacket – Stradivarius
red blouse – unbranded that I bought in Bandung Trade Center
black jeans – Color box
ice skating shoes – I borrowed it from Ice Garden

*  this post is submission for English Friday Challange
** feel free to be grammar Nazi 🙂

25 thoughts on “[EF]#11 My Outfit

    • hahahaha that serial cantik comic *langsung blushing*
      tapi memang sering dianggap mahasiswa baru atau anak SMA sih mas Dani -__-“

    • waaa green parka. At first I want to bought green too Nisa, but I was not confident to mix and match with my clothes, that’s why I bought blue

  1. Wuih, ice skating… is a difficult thing for me to do (wrong focus :sorry).
    When I first saw this picture, I kind of thinking that you were ice skating in a foreign country, as your outfit really fit the situation :hehe. And the ice skating ring was kind of empty, ya…

    • pertama kali belajar ice skating juga aku sering jatoh dan cuma bisa ngegunain kaki kanan buat maju Gara. Akhir-akhirnya bisa juga.

      Since the ice skating ring was cold, I always use jacket and gloves. But that day, I forgot bring my gloves. The ring was empty because I played on weekdays Gara 😀

      • Wew, kalau buat saya ice skating adalah sesuatu yang susah… maklum agak gempal ya, jadi… jatuh melulu :huhu.
        Oh, on weekdays! :)).

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