[EF]#9 Meet Up

1554555_10203494557995708_7543016833302016427_nphoto from Pak Agus Wahyudi

I never meet up with bloggers. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to, but the time that doesn’t match. I had a plan to go to BEC Meet up last Saturday, but I can’t, so another failed plan 😦 . How about another meet up? My first meet up or Kopi Darat was with my postcard community, post crossing in Bandung. People that attended in the first meeting become steering committee for Bandung Post Crossing Meet Up. That was really fun meeting another post crosser and talking about their experience. At first I was really afraid and nervous that it will be awkward, but when we met up, we could talking like in forum. I love to meet up with new people, I can have new experience, new friends, and more knowledge. I really hope that I can meet with bloggers, especially bloggers that live in Bandung.

*this post is submission for English Friday Challange

15 thoughts on “[EF]#9 Meet Up

  1. I’m a postcrosser, too. Had sent a few postcards but haven’t get any yet :huhu.
    Postcrossing is fun! It’s such a pleasure seeing your postcards reached someone whom you don’t know which resides in faraway places :)).
    Reading this has urged me to buy some postcards and send them :hihi.

    • I agree with you Gara, post crossing is fun!
      Are you new member Gara? If yes, your postcard need reached someone first before someone write you a postcard.
      let’s buy again a postcard and sending to someone Gara

      • Yes, I am, but I have 4 postcards which already reached their recipients, Miss :huhu.
        But it’s okay, actually, I just love visiting post office, attaching stamps and seeing my postcards for the last time :hehe. It’s kinda touchy :’)).

  2. It is indeed a frughtening experience at first before the real event but then when we had a good time it will turn out to be an addictive experience isn’t it?

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