[EF]#4 Hey Doraemon, I Want Anywhere Door!!


“Stand by me Doraemon!!”

That is what Nobita said in the movie whem Doraemon back to the future. I have known Doraemon since I was a kid. I always jealous with Nobita. He can get every tools from Doraemon. But If I need to choose just one tool from Doraemon magic pocket, I want “anywhere door”!! Imagine you can travel around the world with this door. You do not need travel with bus, train, or plane. You can save money from hostel or hotel too. You do not need to pay for visa and thinking whether you will get it or not. You just need to tell where do you want to go and voila!! There you are. It just like I can go to Tokyo in the morning, walking to Fujiko F. Fujio museum, Studio Ghibli, Tokyo Tower, and many more then come back home in the evening. If it hard to get halal food, I can come back home, eating, and back again to Tokyo 😆 .

But from this huge thing, come huge impact too. There is a lot of business going to bankrupt. You do not need transportation anymore or place to sleep. Beside that, I can not imagine if this door is used by terrorist.

For travelling, sometimes the great thing is not about the destination itself, but also how you get there, people you meet at the journey, and if we use “anywhere door” we can not get that experience.

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this post is submission for English Friday Challange


24 thoughts on “[EF]#4 Hey Doraemon, I Want Anywhere Door!!

    • begitulah mas Andiq. tadi pas bikin tulisannya tiba-tiba kepikiran, kalau jatuhnya ke orang yang salah, ya bisa jadi gawat alatnya 😀

  1. Same with me. i want this too also. But I know, many will choose this. So I change it. hahaha.
    So true that if it handed to wrong person, any of Doraemon’s tool can be a lethal weapon. So it is about who use it and why, at the end.

    • Because you can go wherever you want mas Ryan 😀

      I agree with you, Doraemon’s tools can be lethal weapon if handed to wrong person

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