[EF]#3 – How Gadgets Affect My Life


How many gadgets do you have?
How often you use it?
How gadgets affects your life?

For me, I have three gadget: computer, laptop, and mobile phone. I always writing and watching in my computer and I use my laptop when I want to write outside. My mobile phone? I do everything with this gadget. To calling somebody, send message, do financial things, check my social media, browsing, get some jobs *since I am a freelancer*, check my emails, taking photo, and sometimes write notes. So when mbak Jo give BEC member challange about gadget-fasting, I can’t do that.

I know, lately I kinda addicted with my mobile phone. It is make your life easier. When I wake up, the first thing I did was checking my phone, before I went to sleep I checking again everything in my mobile phone. I can’t waiting when my phone ringing and see who send me message. I played a lot of games in my mobile phone.

Until I am tired of it. I felt that my quality time with other people decrease because of mobile phone. Last years, I wrote about mobile phone and how that effect my relationship. I don’t like when I am talking, my friends busy with his or her phone. I am thinking that it is not polite. Even sometimes, I still do that *toyor diri sendiri*. Another think that

But I can’t put away my mobile phone and live without it. All I can do is to manage it. This three days, I tried to manage again my time with my mobile phone. I tried not to open my whats app application every time there are notification from group. I just check my group conversation in the morning and evening. When I met my friends, I put my mobile phone at the bag and check it after that meet up. I also decreased my activities in path and instagram. This few months I quite active in this two application and curcol. But now, I try to share what I really want to share and not only when I sad or angry. Another thing that I did was put down my mobile phone when I need to concentrate in my assignment.

What happen when I tried to manage using my mobile phone? I feel life 😆

I can feel the wind when I am sitting in angkot and looking for the street and people around it. I can finished reading novel, writing what I am thinking in my journal, have a quality talk with my friends and family, and concentrate to finished what I should finished: my assignment.

Gadgets is invented to help us easier handle our life and have more time with people that we love. Don’t make your gadget control your life, you who control your own life.

*This posting submitted as a part of English Friday Challange from Blog English Club

22 thoughts on “[EF]#3 – How Gadgets Affect My Life

  1. Ira your determination is an inspiration. Life is really beautiful but too often we don’t take the time to enjoy it because we’re so caught up with our gadgets. I am also behind on my reading list because of them.

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