[EF]#1 Move

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Never give up!
When your heart becomes tired,
just walk with your legs, but move on

-Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage

I forget when the last time I wrote my blog in English. So when I read on Mas Dani blog about Blog English Club (BEC), it just like challenge to make my writing in English better. So here I am.

If you ask me about my word for 2015 is Move.

I understand that in 2014 I tried too hard and pushed my self so my planning that year can work. But the truth, it’s not working. I had to many expectation. When the truth different than what I expected, I hurt my self. So for 2015, I don’t want to have high expectation. I just want to move.

I want to move to be a better person. Try to fix my self. I will shalat without missing one time and do the sunnah too. After a year became negative person, this year, let’s become more positive about my self and life. Beside that, I want to try not to push my self and have high expectation. I am trying to low my expectation so I can be more grateful when something happen.

In my life, I want to move in my collage life. I want to graduate from my master degree. Now I am trying to finish my report so I can trial for my profession degree. After that, I can move to do my thesis. I want to move and trying to work with office hour. That’s new experience for me, since I always work as freelancer.

It’s not gonna easy to move, since you need a lot of hard work for it. First step is the hardest part. But like Paulo Coelho said in his novel, move.