Dear My 23 Years Old

I want to thank you for your hard work this 12 month. Thank you so much t work harder and harder this year. Not only about the session in that August, but also trying your best at that test. You already pass for twice at Academic Potential Test and English, just not so lucky to pass the interview section. But hey,,I still proud of you! We knew how far we are when trying to achieve our dream there. 

I am sorry too. Still the childish things coming in this years. We trying there,,we trying to act and thinking as our age. But I know, you know, sometimes shit happens. We can not do anything when it came. So just let it go, be brave. Both of us know that we are tough women.

This year is also fantastic. You backpacking with your own friends. Going to another country. You also travelling to Belitung with your best friends. Proud of you buddy.

Yes, we achieve something, lose something, and shit happens. But we know that those things make us stronger, better, and more mature. Proud of you my 23 years old.

gambar didapat dari sini


2 thoughts on “Dear My 23 Years Old

  1. Happy birthday dear!!!!
    I lost your contact number, and I have no idea how to wish you birthday. But I do remember your birthday (double 8, it’s so unique and catchy :D)

    much love


    • Are you lost your hp again? Or you change your number? Message me by FB dong Tan nomer hpmu,,,biar kita bisa sms-an 😀

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