What You Good At

Ah looking the timeline in twitter and looking for someone twit “What is the thing that you’re good at ? is that the thing that you enjoy the most ?”. I said it is interesting question. Since sometimes you enjoy one thing but not really good at it or the opposite, you good at one thing but not really enjoy it. So if you have both of them, is heaven!!

I do not know what I good at, but I sure I like talking with people. My boyfriend said that I good at listening and embracing other people. When I think of it, I enjoy my self when I do interview to other. I just lazy when it comes with report :D. Maybe because I know I good at it, I want to be consultant at first. That is why I love clinical psychology, because I can talk to people with heart. I just scream out, I can not control my self when I must see something negative. I mean, clinical psychology talk about people whom stress,  depressing, histrionic, etc. That is why I choose industrial and organization psychology for my master degree. I still can talk to people, to listening about their problem, and do something on it.

How about what I enjoy at? I enjoy travelling. I love to see other culture, museum, and people. But sometimes I’m not good at deal with the price or make itinerary since most of my holiday there is someone who arrange at all and I just pay and go. I enjoy to writing, but I know that when I got stuck, I’m not finished my writing. Ah a lot of things that I enjoy but I’m not sure I’m good at it. I just know one that I write before. I also enjoy my time when I do my dance lesson. But until now, I’m not really good at it. I still learn so I can dance better and better.

Looking for something you good at and also enjoy it is difficult. Sometimes you have a lot things that you good at but somehow you not enjoy it or you have a lot things that you enjoy but not really good at it or maybe you have a lot things that you enjoy it and also good at it so confused to things what the best for it. Ah interesting to think about it and surprise when you have both of it.


One thought on “What You Good At

  1. There is a time when we good at something now, but not so good in another occasion…, well, when life depend on mood, our “good at” can slightly change… :).

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