Found The Answer

Years come and go, but still for some wound, it’s not easy to heal. Always curious about something that I said as unfinished business even it’s already finished almost three years ago. Me and my best friend (or I must said my twins, since we have a lot of similarity) always thinking what happen with our last relationship. Where is the wrong things there.

Today I think I understand what happen in the past. I have had clue already but I forgot about that. Ah so stupid I must see that bright smile from his mother to know what happen in the past. After a lot of hypothesis that we made, now I know which hypothesis that is true. It’s still hurt, but after I know it, the wound is gonna be OK, because what made this wound exist is curiosity about which part that is incorrect. Now after I knew it, It’s feel light. I am happy to know you happy :).

pict from here

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