Is it bad being nobody? I meant look at me, not an undergraduate student but also not getting job. For this one week I also did not look scholarship. My friends that was graduate with me now looking for a job, some of them has job already, some of them now has their master program, some of them married, or back to their city.

How about me? Just play around, sleep, and playing computer. For this day I am just guilty to think that I am not doing anything. When I want looking for a job, I am not really love to job in company, because it’s mean I must work from eight to four or nine to five or the worse eight to five. For master program, it’s not open yet for 2012 program. it start in March. About scholarship, I just thinking like I lose direction. Nobody guide me about what the good university, what should I do, what should I prepared. I know, I must do it alone since I’m adults and not a child that need to be accompany from time to time.

It’s really confusing. Especially when my health is not getting better. Oh I really hate cold, makes me weak!! I want to be healthy, I need to fresh my mind too.


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