I Hate You, Mucus

After graduation party or we called it ‘wisuda’, I felt really tired. Have twice of graduation sure made me really miss my bed, but can not lying there yet. Now I have mucus in my nose and lil bit fever. The wind in Bandung is quite strong and my body is not in good condition. So here I am with that mucus.

When I have it in my nose, sometimes it can make me cry. It can make me sick when I issue the mucus from my nose. But I also happy because my nose it’s not bleeding after I do that from time to time. Yes my nose is really sensitive. When I was child, sometimes my nose is bleeding because it’s to hot or to cold or if I have cold and issued too hard.

I really hate you, mucus, please go from my nose!! I want to be healthy again. I have a lot to do, I want to go for vacation, and I want play around.


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