It’s Been a Year

This is it, 3 November 2010.
When one of my friend in INSECTA increasing his age,
I will remember that one of my best friends in INSECTA has passed away.

It’s been a year you left us
went to temporary respite
until we meet again

I am not lying that in this year,
I still look to your page in Facebook
Still hard to see one of my folder
and looking at our smile
Still hard to open one of my album in Facebook
and choose to create new album
Still crying in my heart
when we talk and remember about you

yeah, i am not strong darling
but we’ve tried
so not burden you there
so not make you sad there

Big hug from here


dedicated to: Lia Yuztiani, Alm.


INSECTA –> name of our generation in Psychology UNISBA


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