Seven Days

what will be happen in 7 days?

A lot..
happiness, sadness, joy, relax mind, have our own time, evaluation, new baby born, somebody die, something happen, nobody no

for me?
it’s means i can’t see my boyfriend, i can’t send him message, i can’t call him, neither does him. because he is going to go to the offshore. there’s no signal there. we’ll gonna lose communication until he come back to Jakarta. he can come back to Jakarta depend to the boat that come and go from Jakarta to the offshore or from the offshore to Jakarta.

in some reason maybe it’s good that we not gonna see each other at least for 3 days. beause we can saving sense of missed. so when we meet again, maybe it’s full of joy and love. beside that maybe we can evaluate our self, have our own time to talk with our own heart and own mind. i’m not lying that maybe it’s little bit difficult to have ‘me time’ for him. because when he want his own time, my emotions is really fluctuating *really feel sorry for this one*.

i already miss you now, but i know, we must face it, so the quality of our relationship is become higher than before. fighting!!!


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