what a day

today is a day to keep peace from what i kept think this whole weeks. i knew who is my tester who become my 2nd supervisor for my final task. its made me wanna cry went i knew who was him. a lot of my friend said that he was kinda creepy and love to asking about detail. the bad news is, i’m not really sure about my research, for the variable actually and YES it’s make me confused and get stressed. but when i see the positive way, i got him as my 2nd supervisor! it’s better to meet him when i’m supervising my final task, then meet him when i’m in my final task forum.

make me wanna escape from Bandung ASAP. beside that, i got bad feeling about something. it was really hurt when i was thinking about that. just wanna scream and crying. but i cant. because of this. i really really really really wanna escape from Bandung. to get fresh in my head, to get peaceful for couple a day and thinking, looking from the other side, not from the bad.

i hate this feeling ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



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