Visit Indonesia 2009

i am more, more, more, and more love my country,,,there’s a lot of beautifull place that you must see, there’s a lot of food you must taste, there’s a lot of people with smile in here, there’s a lot of cloths in here.

when i saw video of visit indonesia 2009, i swa, there’s a lot of place that i am, as the Indonesian, not visited yet. really happy that i started with yogyakarta (but still did not have time to go to taman sari 😦 ),  then looking my own city, Bandung (but i still can not found Aroma coffe shop), Monas, Old Town Jakarta (Kota Tua Jakarta), and the last was Pangandaran -Batu karas, batu hiu, and green canyon- (but still because the rain, i could not go to sanctuary). next tiem i wish i can go to Bali again, because the last i went there when i am still 15 years old, it was about 7 years ago.

here it is, video of visit indonesia 2009,,see you in indonesia

regard -Ira-


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