2 weeks to go and i still confusing

i’m only have 2 more weeks to finished my research proposal and i still confusing about the phenomena. my title is being rejected by my supervising about 5 times and i’m being tired now!!!

i still confusing what kind of phenomena that my supervising want. i’m trying once, but until last week i still must see the doctor and after i finally came and saw th edoctor, i felt that th edoctor did not know either what the psychologist efect that happen in his patients and made me crazy that time! so i was thinkingto done with that and change my theme.

yesterday i had new phenomena, but when i told to my supervising this evening, she told me that there’s no problems there and it was happen in other organization too (aaaaaaaaargghhh beeing crazy now).

great! what i can doing now? i have new phenomena,,but still confusing is it a problems or not for my supervising. hiks maybe next semester i will get my reseacrh proposal again but with different think, maybe for next time i will get research for organizaion or company. i dont know, but most of my friend said that i’m really organization person, and lil bit didnt match with clinical (now i know what did you mean guys!).

until now, because i paid it already, i must struggle with this clinical research proposal. i wish my new phenomena will get ACC with my supervising so i can use that and get a title, and have forum in February. amin!!!!

really envy with someone else who didnt care about the title, they can use everything they want and dont get rejected from they supervising and also not confusing about first chapter and still lazy to doing they final task. didint they saw how hust me, or my friend that beeing rejected with supervising?!?!!!

wouw this posting i’m really talk about what i’m feeling with my research proposal and what i’m being crazy because of that. hope you still enjoy reading my blog,,,


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